Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Little Dog Who Could!

Six years ago I was going through a difficult life situation. My doctor suggested a pet. At SBPR I found my solace. I named him Rusty as he is a chocolate Pomeranian. He has become my joy, comfort, and support all this time. I have now retired from teaching and taking him tutoring with me. Children love to earn the privilege of holding him. He's never read the 'yippy yappy" Pomeranian book, Rusty's got the countenance and soul of a quiet little old man. He doesn't play with toys, he enjoys hiding his bones around the apt. and praticing tricks with me. He'll do anything for food! He can sit, stand on back paws, crawl to me on command, stay, come, even "go wee" on command! He also pushes a little tiny ball with his nose or paw, and gives 'kisses' on command.