Friday, June 3, 2011

Callahan's Happy Home Story

As a young child, I enjoyed the company of my uncle's two basset hounds. Since then, I always wanted one for a companion. After many, many years of not being able to dedicate the time to a dog, my situation changed to where I could finally care for a basset hound. Enter Callahan, the four-year-old troubadour.

I was in contact with different rescue originations looking for that one basset, but I was having trouble finding him. One morning in March, 2011, I decided to search the internet for additional rescue organizations, and I happened upon SBPR. Low and behold! a beautiful basset hound was listed on the front page, having been added to the list just one day prior. I contacted his wonderful foster family, and within six hours I was sitting with them at a local pet store.

Since that day, almost three months ago, I knew Callahan and I had found each other after many years of waiting. I will not lie and say things have been perfect. Callahan had some nasty separation distress issues, along with some bad habits (standing on the coffee table and pulling like a sled-dog on leash were two of his favorites). We have been working with a professional trainer from the start, and Callahan has made great progress, as have I as his guardian. He is now content being left alone for long stretches, and many of his bad habits have been retrained for good ones.

Although he can be a stubborn and trying dog—I'd expect nothing less of a basset hound—he is a joy to live with, and if it were not for his physical dog characteristics, I would mistake him for a human. He's reached a healthy weight since his adoption, and he is in perfect health and as fit as a fiddle, which I'm sure he could teach himself to play if I bought him one!

Callahan and I thank all those at SBPR for your dedication to bettering the lives of animals and humans!

Justin L.