Friday, December 28, 2012

Leslie & Levi

December 28, 2003, I adopted "Tommy", and promptly renamed him Levi. (Kathy C., don't know if you're still volunteering with SBPR, but you were the representative to assist us nine years ago!) Levi continues to thrive in our home, and he's been a very special companion to me the last nine years. I've battled clinical depression a long time. Levi is constantly with me at home. No matter how I'm feeling or what kind of day I'm having Levi is there for me. In my office, he's curled up at my feet under the desk (where he is now). On the couch he's right beside me or in my lap. We go for walks together, and Levi is a forever friend to anyone who will throw his ball for him! He threatens to "eat" the UPS man, and patiently waits for his pizza crust when my husband is enjoying pizza & a movie. When the day is done, you'll find Levi right next to my head while I'm sleeping.
Like the car "paw" sticker says, "Who Rescued Whom?"
Thank you SBPR.
Thank you Chuck for supporting me and letting me adopt Levi.
He's the BEST k-9 buddy ever!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So sorry for the double post - I couldn't figure out how to edit my previous submission. I failed to include: Thank you SBPR! From Kim and GG

(I included her picture from the day I took her home, too. She was totally shaved down, so darn cute.)

Happy anniversary GG (aka Sassy)

How time flies! I can't believe I've had this gorgeous little girl in my life for a year now. Georgie Girl has truly blossomed. She still has her little sassy attitude. My parents moved here from the east coast and and they have been loving her up. She has them wrapped around her paw (can you say two hour belly rubs?!) And she's so smart! She's finished basic training 1 and 2, tricks (sit pretty, roll over, high five, turn left/turn right, and more), and Rally 1. Next I think we'll try nose work – she loves to sniff! She brings so much joy into our lives.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Little Dog Who Could!

Six years ago I was going through a difficult life situation. My doctor suggested a pet. At SBPR I found my solace. I named him Rusty as he is a chocolate Pomeranian. He has become my joy, comfort, and support all this time. I have now retired from teaching and taking him tutoring with me. Children love to earn the privilege of holding him. He's never read the 'yippy yappy" Pomeranian book, Rusty's got the countenance and soul of a quiet little old man. He doesn't play with toys, he enjoys hiding his bones around the apt. and praticing tricks with me. He'll do anything for food! He can sit, stand on back paws, crawl to me on command, stay, come, even "go wee" on command! He also pushes a little tiny ball with his nose or paw, and gives 'kisses' on command.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Home!

Happy New Year!

Back in June 2011, we begin to ponder the idea of adopting a pet for our new Condo. After only thinking about it for maybe 24 hours, the search began. We came upon your website & decided to check out your Adoption Fair (just so happens it was the following day). Moments after walking into the pet store, I fell in love with TWO dogs - one was the mother & the other was one of two brothers, Benji. Benji's brother was adopted moments before we arrived, but Benji definately caught our eye. After spending some time looking @ this precious puppy & getting him out of the crate to play/hold our family knew we just had to take him home! AND that is exactly what we did - "Benji" came home with us minutes later & here we are in 2012 & he is just as adorable as the first day we brought him home.

I believe a week later we gave our son the option of changing his name, being a Giants fan, our son changed his name to "Buster" :-)

Thank you so much for giving us the oppurtunity to rescue & bring Buster AKA Benji home with us. He is very much apart of our family & our lives will forever be touched. He's just like another memeber, he goes everywhere with us - park, store, camping trips. He loves to go "bye bye" & play with "Bosley" - my parents older Chocolate Lab.

We hope to update you often about Buster.

Jake, Heather, Jacob & Buster