Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Home!

Happy New Year!

Back in June 2011, we begin to ponder the idea of adopting a pet for our new Condo. After only thinking about it for maybe 24 hours, the search began. We came upon your website & decided to check out your Adoption Fair (just so happens it was the following day). Moments after walking into the pet store, I fell in love with TWO dogs - one was the mother & the other was one of two brothers, Benji. Benji's brother was adopted moments before we arrived, but Benji definately caught our eye. After spending some time looking @ this precious puppy & getting him out of the crate to play/hold our family knew we just had to take him home! AND that is exactly what we did - "Benji" came home with us minutes later & here we are in 2012 & he is just as adorable as the first day we brought him home.

I believe a week later we gave our son the option of changing his name, being a Giants fan, our son changed his name to "Buster" :-)

Thank you so much for giving us the oppurtunity to rescue & bring Buster AKA Benji home with us. He is very much apart of our family & our lives will forever be touched. He's just like another memeber, he goes everywhere with us - park, store, camping trips. He loves to go "bye bye" & play with "Bosley" - my parents older Chocolate Lab.

We hope to update you often about Buster.

Jake, Heather, Jacob & Buster